“If the Academy Awards got you itching to get in front of the camera and finally make it in the movies, then Videopia might well be the perfect first step on the road to Oscar glory.” The Guardian

Videopia loves silent movies…

This week we went to see two rather wonderful movies. The 3D spectacular Hugo and black and white silent sensation The Artist. Both were terrifically inspiring and got us thinking about ways we might shoot vintage looking silent movies with our audiences. After all, everyone looks better in black and white don’t they?

A fabulous still from the final dance scene in Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist.

A clip from Georges Méliès’ iconic Trip to the Moon, as seen in Scorsese’s Hugo.


Step inside the Videopia horsebox…

The lovely Laurence Dobie has put together a little video of the fun and frolics we had in our stripey horsebox at Bestival this year. Ahhh, such fond memories. Can’t wait to get the old girl on the road again next summer!

Artist: The Caulfield Beats
Track: Heading South

Festival season thanks…

After a long summer of touring festivals in our trusty candy striped horsebox we came to the end of our travels at the Isle of Wight’s marvelous Bestival.

We had a truly wonderful summer and we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the festivals organisers for inviting us along and all the festivalgoers for starring in our miniature movies. It was a pleasure to meet you all and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Thanks goes out to…
Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, Playgroup, Boomtown, Green Man, End of the Road, Bestival

We hope to see you next summer but in the meantime Videopia are available for birthday parties, office and team building events, hen and stag do’s and any other occasion that requires a little filmic frivolity! Just drop me a line on

Here’s our showreel and a few of our favourite movies from this summer too…

Videopia followed the yellow brick road to Camp Bestival…

A big round of applause goes out to all the actors and actresses who starred in our mini movies at Camp Bestival. Whether you played the Wicked Witch of the West in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or the shark in ‘Jaws’, you were all fabulous!

You can watch your videos on the Camp Bestival playlist.

Please join our facebook page for updates.

If you loved being in front of the camera too much to wait until next year’s festival, Videopia are available for private parties. Send an email to for more information.

The Videopia horsebox’s first outing at Latitude festival!

The Videopia mobile movie studio began its festival tour on 14th -17th July at the lovely Latitude festival in Suffolk. We invited lots of very cheerful festival goers into the candy striped vintage horsebox to star in miniature remakes of Jaws, E.T, and The Wizard of Oz.

You can find your movies on the Videopia – Latitude YouTube playlist.

Also, have a look at photos from Latitude on our facebook page.

Converting a Bedford TK horsebox into a mobile movie studio and cinema

The English summertime is almost upon us and this year Videopia will be touring festivals in a (soon to be) converted vintage Bedford horsebox!

Step No. 1 – Clean out the hay and horse poo…

Step No. 2 – Smash out the pony partitions with an axe…

Further steps to follow (these may include – learning out how to drive a massive horse lorry)…

Back to the Future for Ollie’s 30th Birthday

On Saturday night we turned an east end bar into a makeshift movie set for lovely Ollie Oshodi’s 30th. Thanks to our wonderful cast who acted superbly in our mini remake of ‘Back to the Future’… you were all absolute stars!